Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ode to Weird

I like ice cream.
Yes it's true.
Watermelon is good too.
Chocolate chip cookies.
What can I say?
They are a great way to celebrate
US Coast Guard day!
They can celebrate the next one too.
They work like dogs.
How about you?!
A mustard seed
And toes on your feet
Forgiveness is a lighthouse for sister-like friendships.
I like cucumbers but not zucchini.
And I like scary books, 'cause I'm not a weiny!
Lazy day is every day for me.
They start off with S'mores poptarts and coffee.
Boy and Girl Child tell lame President jokes.
Girl Child is the middle child, don't ya know?
Have a creamsicle
And relax the next day.
Tell a joke and pop some tags
This should be posted on a Thursday! (8/18 to be exact!)
I like airplanes
And listening to the radio.
Old people rejoice, it's the last day of Rio!
Be an angel
Or the toothfairy.
They ride the wind, just like us.
I couldn't climb Mt. Vesuvius.
If The Hubs makes me mad, we'll kiss and make up.
Women have equality now, get over it Trump!
Forgive your enemies just because today.
Find a mouse and race it
Eat more herbs, don't be a salt pit.
Frankenstein likes the Stay-Puff man.
Neither supports a trailmix ban.
These are all wacky holidays in the month of August.
This poem is horrible, but won't you follow up?
Read the others' poems, if you dare.
We all owe a big thanks for this weirdness
And we owe it to Kare(n).

Okay, it's a terrible poem and I'm sorry, but this month's poem challenge was honoring the wacky and weird holidays in the month of August. I can't promise that my friends will have anything better, but give it a shot, huh?

Wacky and Weird
My Brain Cell
Wonderful Wacky Weird Days
Wacky, Weird, Bizarre, & Unique
Wacky, Weird, and Poetic


  1. You don't give yourself enough credit, I smiled through this whole poem, Sarah!
    And yes, I'm not surprised to be credited with all the weirdness!

  2. Great job incorporating all those holidays! I love "Frankenstein likes the Stay-Puff Man." Awesome!

  3. hahahaaa you had me laughing which was exactly what I needed today.


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